Seven Questions with Denzel Comenentia

#1 - Your senior year you helped lead your college team, the Georgia Bulldogs, to an NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship. What events did you compete in and what did it mean to that program to win an NCAA team title? 

I competed in the shot put and the hammer throw. Winning both those events meant a lot to me. Because my goal that season was to hopefully become NCAA champion in one event and to win both events was extra special. But regardless of the individual success that week, I found out later that it was our first team title in the program's history and celebrating with my teammates was even more special.

#2 - The hammer has emerged as your area of focus at the Olympic level, but your marks in the other throwing events are quite impressive. Could you share your bests in each event?

  • Shot put: 20.88m (68’6)
  • Discus: 59.97m (196’9)
  • Hammer: 76.80m (251’11)

#3 - Would you share a little about where you grew up and who you represent for world competitions? 

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I came to the U.S in 2016 after I got recruited for track and field by the University of Georgia 

#4 - How did you first discover track and field? 

My brothers and sister did track and field and I used to come to their track meets. I wanted to become a sprinter just like them. Unfortunately that didn't work out. 

#5 - What is your current training location and situation? 

I graduated from the University of Georgia in December and I wanted a fresh start to pursue my professional career, and moved to Marietta, Georgia to train at Throw 1 Deep. Training under Mike Judge 

#6 - What are your areas of focus as you prepare for the Olympic Games this summer? 

I have to improve on my consistency as well as technical patterns in my throw. Because I have been doing multiple events for all these years. I dont have the technical stability and reps like most throwers that focus on only one event on the world class scène. But I'm trying to catch up.

#7 - What are your competition plans in the coming weeks?

I  have a couple home meets in Mid-June. And hopefully I’ll be able to throw a personal best.

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