Velaasa Strake Laser Engraving

After our successful December Kickstarter campaign we have made significant progress on our laser engraving project.  

We have purchased a CNC laser and are fine tuning our process for engraving the wood heels of the Velaasa Strake weightlifting shoes here in Minnesota. We still need to streamline the process a bit, but we've made big strides in mastering the machine for our purposes. 

We also want to announce some exciting news! After seeing very positive feedback on social media we've decided to offer a second color option! We'll post a separate update with more behind-the-scenes development images of the new colorway soon. Check out our Instagram account for a preview! By this spring you will be able to choose from either the black colorway you've already seen and also the new white version below:

Winter White

Thank you again for your continued support!


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