Velaasa Collective Program Updates

Exciting Updates Coming to the Velaasa Collective Program

Velaasa is excited to announce significant updates to the Velaasa Collective, designed to provide value and opportunities to our dedicated community. Starting in July, we will transition to two new programs: Go Affiliate Pro and Club. These programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our athletes, influencers, content creators, and supporters.

Go Affiliate Pro: Elevating Sponsored Athletes and Influencers

For our existing sponsored athletes and influencers, the Go Affiliate Pro program introduces a more streamlined and automated system. This upgrade will enhance your experience by providing:

Automated Systems: Our new automated systems will create efficiencies and transparency, allowing you to focus on what you do best—promoting and excelling in your sport.

Track Code Usage: With the ability to track code use, you can now gain deeper insights into your influence and impact. This feature will help you understand which campaigns resonate most with your audience, enabling more effective promotion strategies.

Retain Original Code: Want to keep your original code? We can do that! We will default to swapping in your original code after the system automatically assigns a generic new code. Want to keep the new code they assign? We can do that too, just let us know beforehand and we won’t swap in your original code. 

Club: Empowering Brand Supporters and Content Creators

The Club program is designed for content creators and supporters of the Velaasa brand. This program offers an exciting and interactive way to engage with Velaasa and earn rewards. Key benefits include:

Earn for Mission Completions: Earn rewards (cash/gift cards) by completing various social media missions. These missions are designed to be engaging and fun, making it easy for you to promote Velaasa in creative ways.

Exclusive Discount Access: Enjoy significant savings through exclusive discounts. This benefit helps you save and rewards your support of the Collective.

Improved Functionality: Based on feedback, we have enhanced the functionality compared to the previous Brandbassador app. Expect a smoother experience that makes participating in the program more user-friendly!

Why These Changes?

We are striving to improve and automate experiences for the Velaasa Collective. The transition to Go Affiliate Pro and Club reflects our commitment to innovation and our dedication to supporting the Collective in effective and meaningful ways.

What to Expect Next?

As we implement these changes, we will provide detailed instructions and support to ensure a seamless transition. Stay tuned for more information, and get ready to experience the next generation of engagement with Velaasa!

We are thrilled about these updates and look forward to seeing how our community thrives under the new programs. Thank you for being a part of the Velaasa Collective, and for your continued support and passion for our mission.

For any questions or further information please reach out to us at


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