Velaasa Announces Draaken Crowdsource Design Project


Velaasa announced today an exciting new collaboration with the highly respected Instagram account, Whiteboard Daily. Our aim? To launch the first weightlifting shoe that is crowdsource designed by the Olympic sports community itself. 

Velaasa and Whiteboard Daily share a common mission: to deliver quality and value to athletes worldwide. This partnership is combining Velaasa's product development experience with Whiteboard Daily's deep connection to the Olympic sports community to create the Draakens - a weightlifting shoe that embodies the highest performance, comfort and value on the market. 

For the first time, we're involving you, the grassroots Olympic sports communities, in the development and design process. We believe that those who live and breathe training will be incredible contributors to assist in the development of a shoe that will meet the highest standards of the finest athletes and coaches around the world.  

Through a unique social media crowdsourcing design campaign, we'll be asking for your thoughts, your ideas, and your preferences. What do you look for in a weightlifting shoe? What features are a must-have, and what could you do without? What's the ideal balance between stability, comfort, structure and flexibility? Your feedback will be invaluable in crafting a weightlifting shoe that rivals the finest ever produced.

Each step throughout the design process will be posted on Whiteboard Daily's Instagram account, giving you the opportunity to vote and share your thoughts. We'll utilize your feedback to refine the Draakens, ensuring that the final product is a representation of the collective contributions of the Olympic sports communities. 

And that's not all! To cap off this pivotal collaboration, we'll be offering a pre-order opportunity for a special edition of the Draakens, featuring a limited edition Whiteboard Daily colorway, upon completion of the development process. Not only will you have the chance to contribute to the creation of the shoe, but you'll also have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to train in them.

This new Draaken project encapsulates the spirit of community that is so important to our company. Velaasa and Whiteboard Daily are inviting you to be part of the Collective, a community that celebrates the power of hard work, collaboration and performance. We are thrilled to see where this journey will take us, and we look forward to walking (and lifting) this path together with you.

Be sure to follow Velaasa and Whiteboard Daily on Instagram and share your feedback throughout the development process!


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