Velaasa FAQ: Strake

We’re a pretty new company so you might still be learning what we’re all about.

During our launch we'll post occasional FAQ sessions to keep you updated on what we're working on and why.   

Why make a ‘lifting’ shoe if you’re a Track and Field company?

Velaasa has roots in track and field and intends to develop a complete line of track and field specialty shoes in the coming years. We started with a lifting shoe because that is where we saw the greatest need, not just for track and field athletes in the weight room but for Olympic weightlifting purists on platforms everywhere.

Should track athletes wear lifting shoes?

In short, yes. If you’re a serious track athlete you should take the weight room seriously. Ask many of the best track athletes and coaches in the world, Olympic-lifting has a significant role in effective track and field training for virtually all event areas. And isn't getting your shoes right in the weight room every bit as important as on the track?

What is the effective heel height?

Current development and testing has it at 20mm -- when the final version releases we will re-confirm. Wondering why this is a FAQ? The heel is the soul of a good lifting shoe, so we are making sure ours is on point. There are several key aspects of the heel including effective height as it relates to squatting and Olympic-lifting mechanics, material sturdiness, durability, and so on.

When will the Strake be available for pre-order?

When the shoes become available to the public our entire Velaasa team wants them to be perfect. We are in final testing and if all goes well we’d love to ship them by the holidays... but getting them right takes priority to assure complete customer satisfaction. There are about 20 slots left for the pre-order discount code and we are planning to keep everyone updated on estimated ship dates.

What shoes are coming out next?

Our development team is finalizing the Strake and beginning early phases of the Joe Kovacs throwing shoe. We are planning a roll out of event specialty shoes working with the top coaches and athletes around the world.

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