Hammer Wires


Wires are available in several specific lengths to to fit your hammers length requirements.  The wires are produced by Polanik and are the highest quality wires on the market. Wires may be black or silver in color.

Wires are sold in bundles of 5.

Velaasa Hammer Handle Recommended wire length
3k UW-110 992
3.25k UW-110 987
3.5k UW-110 987
3.75k UW-110 987
4k UW-110 982
4.25k UW-115 982
4.5k UW-115 982
4.75k UW-115 978
5k UW-115 978
5.45k (12lb) UW-115 992
6k UW-115 992
6.36k (14lb) UW-115 992
6.8k (15lb) UW-115 992
7k UW-115 990
7.26k (16lb) UW-115 987
7.7k (17lb) UW-120 985
8k UW-120 982
8.2k (18lb) UW-120 982
9k UW-120 973
10k UW-120 970
11k UW-120 968
12k UW-120 963

For specific requests or custom lengths, contact us directly at sales@velaasa.com.