Velaasa Strake Updates

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to secure their Velaasa Strake pre-order discount code. Your early interest and feedback on shoes has been incredibly valuable, and we believe we've made the right changes and are ready to launch the shoe.  

Below are a few FAQ's about the current status of the shoes and when you might be able to get your new pair. 

When can I purchase the shoes?

We are launching a Kickstarter campaign in December where you can officially pre-purchase your shoes. The customization of the wood heel became a very popular theme among our early adopters and so we've decided to pursue it further!

The Kickstarter campaign will help us scale our customization offerings, such as custom burning your name or school logo into the side of the wood heel or choosing your custom stain color and laces for this and future shoes. We believe customization of premium athletic shoes is the future, and this Kickstarter can help us begin to invest in scaling mass customization for not only the Velaasa Strake but future lines of premium olympic performance sports footwear. 

When will I get my shoes? 

Our goal delivery date for your custom Strakes is April. To show our tremendous appreciation for your early purchase we'll be tossing in several freebies through the Kickstarter campaign.

Will international shipping be available? 


Are team sales available for my group? 

Several customers have inquired about discounted team/group orders and yes, that will be available through the Kickstarter campaign as a reward level. 

Has anything significant changed with the shoe?

We've significantly improved wood heel construction and the strap and buckle design. The strap represents one of the most significant changes as we've gone away from the 'shiny' look and to a matching flat black.

Also of note: The final versions upper will have a more flat grey knit material instead of the current black/white pattern material. 

What if I already received a discount code for the Strakes? 

Your discount code will secure you the same rate at our 'earliest-bird reward level' on Kickstarter. As a gift for being some of the first to love our shoes we're planning to send you a free gift!  Please continue to help us out in our launch by moving your pre-purchase over to our Kickstarter when it launches in December. Thank you!

If I want to secure my Strakes from this first batch what do I do? 

Email now to secure your Strakes and we'll send you a code good for a free gift when you pre-order through Kickstarter! We'll let you know when the Kickstarter goes live... right now we are aiming towards December. 

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