Q+A: Olympian Jeremy Taiwo

Olympian Jeremy Taiwo joined Velaasa in December of 2017 and will open up his season this weekend at the Texas Tech Invitational. We caught up with Jeremy for a quick Q+A session ahead of his season opener. 

How are you feeling as you head into your first competition of 2018?
I got nervous when I woke up this morning for the meet. Nervous that it's been a year and that this fall training was difficult to get going. Nervous about being ready for the first meet. But also, I'm very curious to see how my drastically different training regimen will show in the competition.

What have you been focused on in your training in recent weeks?
In recent weeks I've honestly been focusing on shorter quicker speed items. I've tried to help my nervous system recoup better and schedule jumps/speed/throws at higher percentages only two times a week. Technique focus has been on good positions of takeoff for the three different jumps.

What is your current training/coach situation?
My current training situation is a little complicated. I bike to UW (University of Washington) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I work with my pole vault coach (Pat Licari) Tuesdays and Fridays typically at UW. Those same days I will go across Lake Washington to lift and do stability work with a strength coach at Kutting Edge Fitness named Garrett Rolsma. The rest of the days that I work out, I film on my phone, and will watch myself. Occasionally I send it to my current part time employer that was a former shot put and discus thrower at UW to observe.

What event is your best indicator of what kind of shape you are in heading into a season?
I think probably the hurdles and/or pole vault because they both are a beautiful combination of speed, strength, and technique with crucial timing.

Do you have a pre-meet routine you do in training in the day(s) leading into a multi-event?
No. Rituals can cause weakness in the mind. If you can't wing it, nor roll with the punches, you're not mentally prepared.

Do you have a go-to pre-meet hype movie? Hype song?
I love watching 300 on the plane, I also love reading a fantasty/science fiction book. Thank the gods I have Pierce Brown's new Iron Gold to read for this meet. Hype song is Jumpman... because this boy is up to something!!!

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