Three Questions with Mattie Sasser

#1 - You recently competed at the Pan Am Games. Can you tell us a little about the competition?

The last competition was a little rough. The preparation went well until 3 weeks leading up to the competition. Being made aware of the totals I was expected to achieve started stressing me out. In my training I was getting close to achieving the desired totals but I was not focusing on my weight which was 66.5. Two weeks before the competition I was attempting to lose the extra kilos. The days before the competition I was still a kilo over. Having to cut the extra kilo really took a lot out of me. It was not the competition and the totals I was hoping for but this is a competition I can learn from. I am more motivated than ever to push harder for my next competition.

#2 - What are some of the areas of your technique that you feel can still be improved? 

For me as an athlete I do have a lot of areas where I need to improve. I might be a world label athlete but I still have several weaknesses and bad habits I need to work on.  I feel I need to work on and improve my snatch technique because that is one of the lifts I have struggled the most with. 

#3 - What are your plans to compete in the coming months and what are your goals at those competitions? 

My plan right now is to compete at the World Championship at the end of this year. That being said, I will be taking some much needed time to focus on myself and my training before I go out there again. My goal is to make sure I achieve my potential next time by focusing on my technique, mindset, sleep, recovery, diet and weight cuts. The numbers will come when you do all these things right. These are my main goals for the upcoming competition.

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