Four Tendencies: Obliger

In her book, The Four Tendencies , Gretchen Rubin brings tremendous value to anyone who interacts daily in a coach/athlete relationship, particularly in a sport that relies on long term development (years) and frequent technical sessions for feedback (daily technical practices with lots of feedback). 

Velaasa feels that both coach and athlete are partners in making progress in the short term, but only at a pace and progression that also safely benefits the long term. To do this well it takes outstanding communication and trust between parties and this book can help bridge gaps and make for more cohesive groups, in our opinion. 

Velaasa has no affiliation or benefit as it relates to the book or its author, we only believe it can bring value to field event coaches and weightlifting club coaches everywhere. 

In the blog image we jokingly illustrate the obliger here as a stormtrooper performing the snatch... and we sorta feel obligated to explain. 

In her book, Rubin lays out that an obliger tends to meet outer expectations to a greater degree than their own.

So, our use of a stormtrooper isn't to imply that anyone testing in this personality area on her quiz is a member of the empire. Instead we just think it's funny to imagine 'Bob the Stormtrooper' forced to train daily by Coach Vader. Bob might say, "You can count on me Coach Vader... and I'm counting on you to count on me!!!" 

After checking out her book, pitch us what characters fit which tendency area, and what event they may gravitate towards -- best pitch just might get used and if so we'll send you a free t-shirt!  Was Darth a Rebel all along? 


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