Auction Announcement

January 13, 2020

Velaasa Launches Fundraising Auction to Benefit The ALS Association, MN/ND/SD Chapter
Velaasa partners with shoe artists from around the world to customize athletic shoes for auction on eBay. Funds going fully and directly to The ALS Association to support their efforts.

MINNEAPOLIS: Velaasa has now launched two successful auctions of customized athletic shoes to benefit both charitable work and aspiring Olympians.

“We believe the work done by The ALS Association is incredibly important, and we only wish we could do more. As a young company we’re trying new ways to creatively give back, and so we’re excited about the custom auctions becoming popular,” says Velaasa spokesperson Britta Reder. “They provide a platform for the shoe and art world, and the athletics world to come together and raise some funds to help back the ALS Foundation the very best we can,” adds Reder.

The eBay auction begins Tuesday, January 14 at 11am CT and ends Friday, January 17 at 11am CT. The shoes can be found searching the product number 164029471713. Website and auction functionality on eBay deposits 100% of the auction funds directly to The ALS Association’s MN/ND/SD Chapter, assuring that contributions go to the right place and quickly.

About Velaasa:
Velaasa designs and develops innovative footwear, training gear and apparel for Olympic sport athletes from its headquarters in Minnesota. Contact us at to learn more.

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